3 Cleaning Solutions That Keep Your Office Carpets Hygienic

Office Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Office carpet cleaning is essential for maintaining the appearance and longevity of your carpets. Carpet flooring is a popular and common sight within office spaces. It adds a touch of beauty, warmth, and a hint of elegance to the place, depending on the design. But given their location and placement, they are subject to a high volume of footfall traffic every day.


This means dirt, dust, and other microbes eventually find their way into the fibres of your carpet flooring. To maintain its condition, regular cleaning is definitely a necessity. While you may think a simple vacuum cleaning will do the trick, it’s often not enough. That’s because dirt and dust aren’t the only things to look out for – oily or sticky substances and spillages are also some of the things that can ruin the look of your carpets.


To ensure that your carpet flooring remains as pristine as possible, read on to know a few of the effective carpet cleaning solutions that office cleaning companies in Singapore provide.


Carpet extracting


A procedure that’s also known as hot water extraction, carpet extraction usually entails the use of a spraying machine to spray hot water onto the carpets whilst simultaneously extracting the dislodged particles using a vacuum cleaner.


The advantage to this method is that minimal to no chemicals are used at all, leaving no residues on the carpets. Thanks to this, it’s not only safe for everyone, but also those who are especially allergic to detergents and other cleaning chemicals.


Dry carpet cleaning


Dry carpet cleaning is a solution that utilises specialised machines, along with modern chemical technologies, that permit “very low moisture” to no moisture cleaning.


Cleaning agents are initially applied into the carpet. Afterwards, they are removed during machine cleaning, along with the loosed dirt, debris, and other dregs.


Due to the nature of the cleaning process, it offers benefits such as:


  • deep cleansing by breaking down dirt prior to actual machine cleaning
  • significantly faster drying time, making rooms out of service for only about 30 minutes to an hour
  • less labour-intensive in comparison to wet-extraction solutions


The final result is the beautification of the carpet floorings and removal of dirt and other harmful substances.

Although conventionally used by condo cleaning services and other residential purposes, it is also ideal in scenarios when limiting traffic on the carpet proves to be difficult, such as in the entrance and hallways of office and commercial spaces.


Stain proofing


Stain proofing treatments are offered by a variety of brand names, but they all mainly provide a protective shield coating on the fibers of the carpet floorings.


The way these protection treatments work is by applying a coat on the individual fibers, which makes it difficult for dirt and other particles to stick to them. In addition to that, minute cracks and pores in the fibers are also blocked using stain blockers, preventing the absorption of liquids and other substances.


Complete stain resistance is not yet achievable via modern technology, but with the application of these stain proofing methods, your carpets are sure to preserve their beauty for a much, much longer period.




The care and maintenance of carpet flooring is vital for it to retain its appeal and extend its longevity. At SQ 1 Development, our certified cleaning professionals have the experience and expertise when it comes to carpet care. Apart from carrying out various cleaning solutions, we also provide a range of office cleaning services to ensure proper maintenance and cleanliness of your property.