Leveraging advanced cleaning technologies


Autonomous Floor Scrubber.

Access to Avidbots Command Center

Monitor, manage and track your floor cleaning operations remotely in real-time through a user-friendly dashboard.

Manage cleaning plans with ease

Easily view, manage and generate optimized cleaning plans for quick, remote transmission to the cleaning robot.

Maximum cleaning of 6 hours

Generate Cleaning Reports

Intelligent Anti-Collision System

Dynamic Mapping

Max Speed Cleaning: 1.35m/s, Transporting: 1.6m/s
Recover Tank Capacity 110 L
Secondary Bin Capacity 2 L
Cleaning Path Width 610mm
Run Time Per Charge 6 hours
Safety Stopping Distance 3M
Sensors LiDar, 3D
Noise 72 dB
Robots Revolutionize Commercial Cleaning

EcoBot Sweep 40

Vacuuming, no longer a chore.

Advanced Safety & Navigation System

Equipped with class-leading safety sensors and advanced AI navigation system to achieve highest cleaning productivity.

Cleans in a single sweep

Its powerful vacuum and brush power allows the clingiest dusts on the carpet to be removed in one sweep.

Carpet & Floor Vacuum

Auto-Charging Dock

User-friendly Mapping Interface

Primary Bin Capacity
Secondary Bin Capacity
Cleaning Efficiency600 m²/hour
Primary Bin Capacity8 L
Secondary Bin Capacity2 L
Cleaning Width570mm
Average Operational TimeUp to 3 hours
Rated Vacuum Motor Power560W
SensorsLiDar, 3D Depth Camera, Ultrasonic, Touch-bumper, Cliff-Sensors
Noise67 dB – 75 dB

EcoBot Sweep 111

Trusted to sweep all your worries away.

Clean in a single sweep

Its powerful vacuum and brush power allows the clingiest dusts to be removed in one sweep.

Requires minimal human intervention

Automatic disposal of bins allow for continual vacuum performance without human intervention.

Manual / Auto

4-hour LiFePO4 Battery

Auto Dumping

Cleaning EfficiencyUp to 6000 m²/hour
Primary Bin Capacity25 L (3-Stage Filtration)
Cleaning Width1200mm
Average Operational TimeUp to 4 hours
Rated Vacuum Motor Power115W
Rated Driving Motor Power800W

EcoBot Sweep 50

Small but mighty.

Requires minimal human intervention

Cleans on schedule, requiring no human intervention in its cleaning operations.

Lift Integration capabilities

Dynamically routes to different levels of the building by itself, enabling 24-hour operation without human intervention.


Auto Refill

Auto Dumping

Lift Integration

Cleaning EfficiencyUp to 1500 m²/hour
Clean Water Tank25 L (3-Stage Filtration)
Waste Water Tank18 L
SensorsLIDAR, Depth Camera, Ultrasonic sensors, Anti-drop Sensors
Speed0-4 km/hour
NoiseUp to 75 dBA

EcoBot Scrub 75

Revolutionising the cleaning industry with autonomous technology.

Ultimate Performance

Never missing a spot or corner, it provides high quality cleaning that is also 30-50% faster and more efficient.

True Dual Purpose

Ability to switch easily between fully autonomous operation and manual ride-on function.

3D Lidar Technology

User-friendly Mapping Interface

Edge-to-edge cleaning

Cleaning EfficiencyUp to 3000 m²/hour
Clean Water Tank75 L (4-Stage Filtration)
Waste Water Tank50 L
SensorsLIDAR, Ultrasonic sensors, Anti-drop Sensors, Touch Bumpers
SpeedUp to 1.1 m/s
Noise55-75 dBA

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