Property Services

We offer the entire gamut of infrastructure-centric services related to your property or estate.

We provide the full range of infrastructure-related services for your property or estate. Our engineers, technicians, and artisans combine a wealth of knowledge and a diverse set of talents to guarantee that systems and equipment are repaired quickly, overhauled quickly, and serviced reliably.

01. Technical Services

Make sure your equipment is in working order and save money by avoiding costly repairs. Our technical professionals are incredibly prompt when it comes to servicing and maintaining your machines and appliances. They quickly resolve system failures using a problem-solving methodology to minimize business impact.

  • Facilities are inspected on a daily and quarterly basis.
  • Maintain plant and equipment performance in compliance with manufacturer specifications.
  • Assist with equipment testing, technical installations, and general maintenance.
  • Repairs and rectifications to minor mechanical and electrical systems
  • Preventive maintenance coordination and monitoring of nominated contractors
  • Technical assistance with power outages, maintenance, repairs, replacements, upgrades, modifications, and expansions.
  • Light fittings, door closers, handles, lock sets, power sockets, electrical points, ceiling, wall tiles, plumbing works, hot/cold calls for air-conditioning, and other handyman services are among the service requests.
  • Electrical and air-conditioning outages and problems are troubleshooted.

02. Painting Services

We support the creation of a dynamic environment by selecting appropriate paint schemes and finishes for various surfaces. We also do painting repair, seepage repair, and repainting on damaged/deteriorated surfaces.

03. Pest Control

SQ 1 Development uses safe procedures to provide dependable pest control services. Our tried-and-tested procedures produce the greatest outcomes while generating no allergic reactions or discomfort. Rodents, insects, bed bugs, flies, and other pests are all things we specialize in preventing, exterminating, and eradicating.

04. Landscaping

We offer comprehensive landscaping services to help you manage your surroundings. Our knowledge and expertise in outdoor and interior landscaping will transform your environment’s dull sections into vibrant, rich green regions.

  • Landscape Design
  • Garden Development & Maintenance
  • Ancillary Works (Fencing, Railing, Compound Walls, Pathways, etc.)
  • Indoor Decorative Plant Supply

05. Carpet Maintenance

Our carpet maintenance service, which includes carpet vacuuming, carpet shampooing, extraction, stain removal, and stain-proofing, ensures ideal results. Cleaning of delicate furniture and upholstery might be added to this activity. We only use chemicals that are verified to be safe for pets and children.

06. Floor Maintenance

With thorough cleaning, we restore the luster of your floor using strong portable equipment and high-quality supplies. For surfaces such as marble, granite, vinyl, ceramic, quarry tile, and wood, we offer customized cleaning regimens.

07. Security

SQ 1 Development delivers top-notch security apparatus to protect your premises so you can focus on your primary business. Among other things, we are experts in manned security, electronic monitoring, close-quarters protection, and mobile patrol.

07. Waste Management

We deliver single-point corporate waste management solutions that help you meet your environmental goals. Our service is focused on ensuring that garbage collection and disposal are safe, efficient, and compliant with current environmental requirements.

08. Disinfection

We employ a ground-breaking disinfection method that kills most enveloped and non-enveloped bacteria and viruses, including E. coli, salmonella, and spores. Our cleaning chemicals and tools are all EPA-certified, so we have you covered! 


We provide preventative disinfecting programs at SQ 1 Development to give you the finest protection against germs and viruses. Beyond prevention, you may rely on us for restorative, reactive, and viral breakout decontamination procedures, all of which are possible thanks to our antimicrobial treatment.


A coating layer of positive charge molecules is generated and attached to the surface layer throughout our anti-microbial process. By puncturing pathogenic cells, this draws and finally kills oppositely charged germs. This pet and family-friendly treatment has been effective on all surfaces and can eliminate germs and viruses 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Best of all, the protective pins coated on the surface last for up to 30 days – or even 90 days, depending on environmental and cleaning conditions.

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