5 Signs Your Office Carpet Needs Professional Cleaning

Professional Office Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are a classy decoration for an office. Aside from this, they can also improve the indoor climate of your workplace, as they retain airborne dust particles. However, carpets are also one of the areas in your office that are most prone to stains, patches, allergens, and other unsanitary things. Because of this, regular office carpet cleaning is a must to ensure a clean and healthy workplace for your employees.


Simple carpet cleaning can be usually done by your janitorial crew. However, sometimes, when the issues require more than just washing and rinsing, you might already need the help of a professional office cleaning company, because there are specific ways to clean them.


These companies offer cleaning services that will restore your carpet’s prime condition. To know whether or not it is already time for you to ask some professional cleaning help, here are some signs to look out for on your office carpet:


1. Stained Surface


Stains are the most visible sign that your carpet already needs some professional cleaning. In a busy work setting, it is inevitable for you and your colleagues to accidentally spill things – coffee, chocolate, soda, and many others – on your office carpet.


Over time, as these stains accumulate, your carpet will look like a total mess. Hence, it is important that you remove any stain on your carpet as soon as possible and have it cleaned regularly.


2. Discoloring Patches


Your carpet might look fine on the surface, but this does not mean that it does not need some cleaning. Sometimes, the problem might lie underneath. Discolored patches are a great sign that your office carpet is being worn and torn underneath.


If you neglect these patches, you run the risk of having to replace your carpet in the long run. To avoid the cost of having to buy a replacement, have your carpet deep-cleaned once you start noticing discolored patches on them.


3. Unpleasant Odor


Having an unpleasant odor is another obvious sign that your office carpet already needs some washing and rinsing. Carpet odors typically come from the foods and drinks that are spilled on the carpet or the mud/dirty that is brought by people’s shoes.


If left untreated, the bad odor that your carpet emits may not only be unsanitary, but it can also cause so much inconvenience to your colleagues and guests. To make sure that your workplace always smells great, clean your carpet regularly!


4. Presence of Mold


This is already an extreme case, but it can actually happen, especially in busy settings like offices. Molds usually grow in damp conditions. Because carpets are great at trapping moisture, it is indeed possible for molds to grow on them. The growth of molds may not only ruin your office carpet, but it can also be dangerous to the health.


Some of your colleagues may be sensitive to molds, so exposure to them can cause wheezing, redness of eyes or skin, and other symptoms. To remove molds from your carpet, have it treated by a professional cleaner.


5. Allergies and Reactions


Sometimes, an unclean carpet can cause an outbreak of allergies in your office. This is because dirty carpets can host house mites, insects, and other types of allergens. If these allergens thrive in your office, they can easily cause an outbreak of sneezing and wheezing. When this happens, your business productivity will surely be hit hard. To avoid this, always have your carpet professionally and thoroughly cleaned.




Regularly cleaning your office carpet is indeed necessary. Carpets are prone to having various unsanitary things, such as stains, patches, odor, molds, and allergens. If left untreated, your dirty carpet can cause so much inconvenience to your colleagues and guests. Worse, it can even affect the productivity of everyone and the operations of the business.


To avoid the possible effects of a dirty carpet, always have your office carpet cleaned. Check for the signs that indicate that your carpet already needs some professional help.


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