5 Hygiene Tips To Make Your Office A Healthier Workplace

Healthy Office Hygiene Tips

Despite a massive shift to remote working during the peak of Covid-19, many employees are now encouraged to return to the office as the situation stabilises. What’s important is keeping in mind that the threat is still real – and germs, viruses and illnesses can easily spread around the office. To combat this, implementing effective office hygiene tips is crucial.


All employers have the responsibility of ensuring their employees work in hygienic conditions. The working environment is vital to business growth and success. As a result, employers should prioritize office hygiene. Apart from taking care of their well-being, a sparkling clean office also maintains productivity at work.


Here are some tips on how you can maintain a clean office for a healthy and happy workforce.


1. Invest in quality washroom solutions


In shared bathrooms, install automatic soap dispensers to promote hand hygiene and eliminates the need for contact. Subsequently, this also reduces the spread of bacteria and germs.


Consider using no-touch paper tissue dispensers for hand-drying too as they also lower the risks of contamination by reducing the amount of microorganisms and moisture left on the hands upon washing.


2. Install hand sanitisers


Hand sanitisers contain alcohol which effectively kills germs, bacteria and most viruses present on the skin, combating the spread of germs. Alcohol-based sanitisers can be very drying to the skin. Therefore, it’s ideal to find a hand sanitiser containing a moisturising ingredient. This helps prevent skin dryness and irritation, so everyone can use it comfortably.


Place them strategically around areas including the washrooms, entrances, desks and other high traffic areas. This will remind your employees of the need to sanitise regularly, and at the same time, reflect a positive image of your business in caring for your team’s well-being when business visitors come by your office.


3. Set up a proper garbage disposal system


Installing a garbage disposal system will allow visitors to know where they can place their trash and litter. Use more than one trash bag placed at several locations within the office, to cut down on overflowing rubbish bin.


Not only will it keep your office tidy and hygienic, but also avoids unpleasant odours due to poor disposal which might attract potential pests. Make sure you empty those bags on a daily basis!


4. Combat bad odours in the office


Office odours can originate from anything that was discarded in the bin to the meal someone had for lunch. Sometimes, there could also be a musty smell which could indicate mould or mildew, or office equipment that are not cleaned properly. The nasty smell in the environment can be distracting for your employees to work in, so it’s crucial to identify the source.


Giving your office a thorough cleaning can go a long way towards getting rid of odours. You can place air fresheners around the area to dispense a fragrant smell at regular intervals, or add plants to purify the air, leaving it smelling fresher.


5. Engage a commercial cleaning company


To ensure a clean office, you’ll need more than just water and regular detergent. Hire a professional from an office cleaning company so they can figure out the appropriate cleaning procedures and agents your office needs and take care of your office cleanliness. They will also take note of any specifications and preferences to customise a cleaning plan and schedule that will significantly benefit your office.




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