5 Tips for Carpet Maintenance in the Office

Office Carpet Maintenance

Carpet maintenance can be a challenging task as carpets make lovely area décor and can spruce up the office. They are, however, also notoriously hard to maintain and clean. Many offices tend to even change their carpets every year because of the sheer dirt it accumulates. This practice could be convenient, but it is not sustainable and should be discouraged.


As part of your eco-friendly initiatives, do the world a favour by adopting practices that could keep your carpet and areas clean. If you love your carpet and would like to have it as part of your office for many years to come, here are some daily housekeeping practices that you can advocate to maintain a clean, beautiful carpet.


Do not delay cleaning


Carpet cleaning should no longer be taken as an afterthought. Carpets are items that tend to absorb moisture and odours. Stains on some carpets could mar the carpet’s material forever if not immediately taken care of. Once you spot a stain, do not wait till you have some spare time to take care of it.


Similarly, spills are another hazard that you should take care of immediately. You could turn to stain removers or consult professional office cleaning services to clean stains and spills. Either method is cheaper than having to replace your entire carpet flooring.


Place them away from sunlight


There is a mistaken belief that leaving carpets in the sun might kill off any germs. However, once the material is exposed to the sun, the carpet’s fibres might be damaged. Sunlight might also cause discolouration. Hence, do remind your employees to draw the blinds when sunlight is strong to prevent such outcomes.


If you have just washed your carpet or taken care of a stain, the sun might make it worse. Rather than leaving it to dry out in the sun, blot the moisture out with a cloth if the patch is small, or leave it to blow with a fan nearby.


Regular vacuuming


Caring for your carpet is more than just taking care of spills and large stains. Vacuuming your carpets removes dust, dirt and even some stary food scraps that have been dropped in the area. If you cannot do so every day, vacuum your carpet at least once every week to maintain its cleanliness and appearance. A regularly scheduled vacuum session could also extend the life of your carpet.


Also, it is essential to choose the right vacuum for your carpet. Different carpets may require specialised vacuums for the practice to be effective. Using the wrong vacuum could lead to debris being stuck in the carpet fibres. Also, note to empty the dust compartment regularly for the most optimal results.


Routinely send your carpet to the wash


Carpets require deep cleaning occasionally. It is good practice to send your carpet for a deep cleanse at least once a year. Most offices tend to leave this to the professionals as it might be pretty heavy-duty. Some of the rates charged can also be quite reasonable, with a lower rate charged for a larger area carpet.


Have a dehumidifier in your office space


Especially in Singapore, the high volume of rainfall and humid air could prove harmful to your carpet. Humid environments may encourage mould growth in your carpet, threatening the hygiene in the office.


Instead, use a dehumidifier to maintain a low-moisture environment to help support the appearance of your carpet and even extend your carpet’s lifecycle. Keeping humidity at 60% to 65% is enough to keep your carpet mould-free.




Carpet maintenance is easy, so long as you put in some effort and commitment. Having your employees adopt the same practices may take time but emphasise that the measures will pay off in the end, and everyone can enjoy a cleaner shared workspace.


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