4 Dirty Spots In A Shopping Mall For Managers to Take Note

Shopping malls are easily one of the most popular places that people go to. As part of the mall management, one of your main priorities is ensuring the hygiene levels in the shopping mall is highly maintained.


With Covid-19 still ongoing, cleanliness should be the utmost priority to ensure there is no further spread of the virus. Today, customers judge shopping malls not only based on the shops and facilities you have, but the overall experience – and that includes cleanliness! And with the help of commercial cleaning services, you can tackle some of the top germ hot spots in your shopping mall!


1. ATM & Elevator buttons


Studies have shown that each key on the ATM contains an average of 1,200 germs. This is no surprise given that thousands of people use the machines every. The same goes for elevator buttons. Just a tip – when cleaning the buttons, you should avoid alcohol-based cleaners as they may damage the lacquered surfaces and cause some plastic components to become brittle over time. Or better yet, engage in professional cleaning team to get the job done! They have all the knowledge and equipment to ensure safe and effective cleaning.


2. Escalator handrails


Escalator handrails are touched by countless of people who step into the malls. These high-tough surfaces contain all sorts of germs, which can spread easily from one person to the other if they aren’t careful.


Some people might even cough into their hands, and touch the handrails – whenever there’s mucus, you can also find cold and flu viruses. And especially in this pandemic, it is crucial to constantly clean and disinfect these surfaces to lower the risk of spreading infection.


3. Public restrooms


This is no surprise. However, the interesting thing is that the sink is the biggest culprit and has approximately 50,000 units per square inch of bacteria! As it is a moist environment, bacteria can survive longer there.


Other bacteria-ridden spots are the door handles and soap dispensers. It is recommended to clean the toilets every 2 hours to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.


4. Public seating area


Sometimes, there are public seating in malls for people to take their rest or wait for others. It can also serve as a designated spot to meet up with the rest. Regardless, it can get quite dirty, especially if people leave trash or bits of food on the seats. This will not only be unsightly to see, but also pose health concerns when bugs are attracted. Provide a trash bin nearby and ensure the area is kept spotless, which will also positively contribute to a shopper’s experience in your mall.




Shopping malls are generally safe when cleaned and maintained frequently. Effective cleaning is crucial to create a positive experience on the people who visit the malls for shopping, dining or entertainment.


It can be difficult to ensure such big spaces are thoroughly cleaned – but not without the help of cleaning specialists! At SQ 1 Development, we have served neighbourhood shopping centres, retail establishments and city malls with our superior cleaning services. Our corporate clients also include property managers and building owners in which we also provide condo cleaning services to cater to various cleaning needs!