Why You Should Engage In A Professional Cleaning Services Company

Professional Cleaning Services

To stimulate a productive and conducive office environment, maintaining the upkeep of the workplace is exceptionally crucial. As employees spend almost 40 hours per week in the office, keeping this space sanitary is absolutely necessary, especially since we’re amid an ongoing global pandemic.


Aside from encouraging employees to play their part in keeping the office clean, outsourcing an office cleaning company can make a significant difference. Read on to find out more about the perks of doing so.


Professional Cleaning Company


With their rich expertise and broad experience, clients can expect premium services from professional cleaners. As they have been properly trained, they’re better equipped with the knowledge on cleaning regardless of the area or circumstance.


SQ1 Development is committed to serving our clients following the highest possible standards of service. As a result, we have the necessary supplies and equipment on hand to get the job done right. From hi-dusting to carpet maintenance, we aim to create and maintain an exemplary standard of cleaning for our clients.




Like how offices across Singapore aren’t designed the same way, there’s no cookie-cutter approach to cleaning. As such, cleaning companies typically discuss with their clients to understand their unique needs better. This way, they’d be able to customise a cleaning schedule and routine according to their client’s cleaning requirements.


As a professional cleaning services provider, this is something we take in our stride. With our suite of commercial cleaning services, our cleaning specialists are able to curate a suitable cleaning schedule to ensure a spotless office environment without compromising our clients’ day-to-day operations.


Professional Cleaning Services


By hiring seasoned cleaners, clients can expect an in-depth quality of cleaning. Through tailored cleaning plans, professionals will provide premium quality services to guarantee high customer satisfaction. With that, expert cleaners will deep-clean the premise for an overall healthy environment.


During COVID-19, we understand how crucial it is to keep the office space clean. As an NEA licensed and registered disinfection company, we make sure to use approved cleaning supplies and methods. Moreover, we use hi-tech systems to finish each cleaning task with utmost precision, but without taking too much time.


Green cleaning


In pursuit of a clean space, a professional cleaning company would also know the importance of minimising their carbon footprint while cleaning. Through the application of green cleaning practices, both clients and cleaners are doing their bit to foster both a clean and green environment.


So, rather than using cleaning products that contain potentially harmful chemicals, we employ the use of eco-friendly cleaning materials, products, and application methods. Not only are these less harmful to the environment, but it also allows us to ensure our clients’ maximum comfort anytime we clean.


To most, the office is almost like their second home considering how much time they spend in there. That’s why it’s critical to maintain a clean and hygienic space at all times.


Professional office cleaning goes beyond benefitting our clients and their employees. It also has a tremendous impact on one’s business. By hiring professional cleaning services provider, one can benefit significantly from their experience, expertise and knowledge. As a commercial cleaning service provider in Singapore, we at SQ1 Development look forward to serving our clients with the best practices.