5 Tips For Property Managers To Keep Their Buildings Clean

Building Cleaning Tips for Managers

One of the most important cleaning building tips for property managers is maintaining your property’s cleanliness. From signing leases to managing tenant issues, property managers are always on the ball to ensure their building’s sustainability. While this may seem mundane, it’s a crucial aspect in keeping residents safe and healthy, as well as keeping the building in tip-top condition.


Keep reading for 5 tips on maintaining the cleanliness of your residential property.


5 Essential Cleaning Building Tips for Maintaining the Cleanliness of Your Residential Property


1. Clean common areas frequently


If you’re managing a condominium, there are likely to be common areas that residents share. These include elevators, the gym, function rooms, and exercise areas. While most residents do their part to keep their own units clean, they may not want to take responsibility for common areas. With a large number of people utilising common areas, it’s easy for germs and illnesses to spread through frequently touched surfaces such as elevator buttons and gym equipment.


Residents may also leave their trash behind, which creates another breeding ground for bacteria as well. As such, it’s crucial that you get these areas cleaned frequently to avoid a buildup of bacteria and clutter.


2. Manage waste


Residential buildings in Singapore have rubbish chutes in place for garbage to be collected efficiently. However, bacteria and germs can accumulate in these rubbish chutes, imposing health hazards such as pests and bad odours. This will lead to unsanitary conditions that make the living environment unpleasant for both residents and potential tenants.


Thus, it’s wise to hire professional condo cleaning services to clean and sanitise your garbage chutes regularly so that they won’t pose any risks to residents in the building. This will also prevent issues like choked chutes.


3. Maintain the landscaping


The external façade of your property is the first thing that residents and visitors see, so it’s essential to make a good first impression by keeping the area tidy and spotless. An untidy environment can drive away potential tenants and make it more difficult to charge higher rental fees.


In addition to regular cleaning, maintain your property’s landscape by mowing the lawn, clearing out the gutters, and maybe even placing some colourful plants to decorate the area – just be sure to maintain them regularly as well so that they don’t wilt or die.


4. Consider using green cleaning supplies


Your residents won’t want to live in a filthy environment, and they definitely wouldn’t want to be breathing in toxic fumes. Many cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that may be harmful to humans. That being said, it’s worth investing in environmentally friendly cleaning supplies that don’t contain toxic ingredients. This will also enable you to do your part for the planet by going green.


5. Outsource your cleaning services


Handling all the cleanliness needs of your property can be an immeasurable task if you’re doing it on your own. Thankfully, there a number of professional residential cleaning services in Singapore that can take care of all your property’s cleaning needs, so you can focus on other important tasks. Rather than handling the cleaning needs of your property by yourself, hand them over to a reputable residential cleaning company.


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