4 Advantages Of Green Cleaning For Office Buildings

Green Office Cleaning Benefits

As we grow to become more conscious of our carbon footprint on the environment, the idea of green cleaning is an increasingly-adopted approach to cleaning. But what exactly is green cleaning?


Defining ‘green cleaning’


Green cleaning encapsulates the use of eco-friendly products, materials and application methods to clean effectively while minimising harm to the environment and people. In other words, it prevents the release of harmful toxins to the environment, which also makes it less irritable to people.


In fact, cleaning with an eco-friendly focus at SQ1 Development is at the heart of everything we do. With that being said, here are the key benefits of green cleaning for office buildings.


1. It’s safe for the occupants


If you’re in charge of outsourcing a professional office cleaning company for your office building, then you’d want the building occupants to be healthy by maintaining its cleanliness. As such, cleaning is meant to promote health and hygiene – not harm it. Due to the chemicals in most conventional cleaning products and methods, it can affect one’s health adversely. But that’s not typically the case for green cleaning.


Green cleaning is generally safer for both humans and the environment since it includes fewer chemicals. Certified eco-friendly products are carefully curated to reduce their corrosivity and irritability to occupants’ skin, eyes and respiratory system. Hence, there are fewer health risks associated with green cleaning.


2. It improves the indoor air quality


For good health, breathing quality indoor air is critical. As employees spend a significant amount of time in the office, they’re more likely to be exposed to pollutants that can cause them to feel unwell. Considering how the COVID-19 virus is known to linger on surfaces for a while, it’s imperative to ensure that occupants are breathing in well-ventilated and clean air.


There are a variety of factors that causes the deterioration of indoor air quality. Among the many sources, one of them includes cleaning and maintenance products. Switching to green cleaning can help minimise this since its absence of chemicals means that it doesn’t pollute indoor air.


3. It provides a return on investment in the long run


Believe it or not, green cleaning is pretty cost-effective if you zoom out and look at the big picture. By improving the indoor air quality, green cleaning helps boost productivity and attendance of employees. Adding on, it reduces the added cost for requiring ventilation solutions to enhance indoor air quality. As the ingredients in green cleaning products are generally safer, it’ll do wonders in maintaining the durability of surfaces and pieces of furniture.


All in all, green cleaning may seem costly at the start. But if you think of the other ways you can save up on, you’ll notice that you get the most value out of going green.


4. It leaves a good impression of your business


What does green cleaning have to do with your brand image? For starters, green cleaning promotes environmental sustainability. By hiring an office cleaning company that employs green cleaning, you’re also showing your support for the environment.


Conventional cleaning products tend to be more harmful. Without you knowing, these toxins will disperse into the surrounding. Meanwhile, green cleaning materials can be utilised and disposed of without compromising the environment since it’s sustainable, biodegradable, and comprises of non-toxic ingredients.


With our host of commercial cleaning services, you can be rest assured knowing that our products, materials and approach to cleaning are entirely safe for your health and the environment. At SQ1 Development, we only want to provide our customers with the best services and satisfaction. And to achieve this, we employ the use of industry-approved products and practices. Aside from office cleaning, we also offer residential cleaning services. Get in touch with us today so we can ascertain your cleaning needs and customise a cleaning plan suitable for you.