Why You Should Have Your Windows Cleaned By A Professional

Spotless windows make our homes, businesses and offices look bigger and more appealing. From shopping malls to condominiums, windows contribute to the first impression people will have. Cleaning windows may be a challenge, especially with various types like casement windows, double-hung windows, or skyscraper windows.


The best way to clean such windows is to engage in professional residential or office cleaning services to assist. These cleaning specialists will be able to assure you thoroughly cleaned windows with no sign of stains or dirt! Here are 4 benefits of hiring a professional to clean your glass windows! 


1. Extends the lifespan of your windows


Cleaning your windows is more than just making them shine and spotless. Windows are continuously exposed to natural elements like rain and dust, which could affect the strength of your windows over time. This makes them more prone to cracks and chips in the future; the worst-case scenario would be the glass shattering!


Getting the windows cleaned professionally would help them to stay more durable and last longer. Furthermore, clean windows will let natural light in and contribute to a much livelier environment.


2. Safer option


Cleaning exterior windows may be a dangerous job, especially if your building has higher levels. Using ladders might not be the best idea as there is a possibility of falling and causing injury. Therefore, calling a professional is the safest option as they are properly trained and have the right equipment to reach higher levels.


3. Gives a good first impression


No matter how clean your residential or office building is on the inside, dirty windows will make it look unappealing immediately. This could affect the impressions others might have and also indicate a lack of care in your business or premises.


For example, if your office has dirty windows, it could send a message to your clients about your professionalism. By having your glass windows cleaned properly, you are showing your customers or clients that you take pride in your space!


4. Enhance efficiency


Professional cleaning services can enhance the efficiency of your glass windows as they are qualified and experienced to inspect your windows for potential problems. Small cracks and other damages can cause air to slip in and out of the building, which can lead to condensation and fogged glass.


Professional cleaners will also notify you if they find any problems so that you can take the necessary steps to fix them before they become serious. Ensuring your windows are in good condition can enhance efficiency and also help to keep your utility bills down.




When you neglect window cleaning, it also means that dirt and grim that build-up on the surface of the window will pose an unhygienic effect in the environment. Keeping your windows clean and shiny will not only be beneficial for everyone’s health, but also look aesthetically pleasing.


At SQ 1 Development, we provide commercial and residential cleaning services to keep your environment safe and sanitised. We employ the most updated cleaning techniques and materials to ensure a spotless façade including your glass windows. Our professionals will help you get the job done in no time!