Why Professional Office Cleaning Services Are Important

For most business owners or office managers, the golden rule is to always try and maintain the cleanliness of the office space so that there are little to no hurdles in employee productivity. Apart from that, there is a higher chance that clients will have a good impression of your business if your space is orderly, which indirectly affects the bottom line.


As simple as it might sound, cleaning your office space is not an easy task – from cleaning of the walls, dedusting of the ceiling and carpets, moving workstations aside and putting them back together; all of these take time, which is why DIY office cleaning isn’t recommended for people who are already dealing with a busy schedule.


To make things simpler, hiring an office cleaning company in Singapore is often a good alternative because they’ll have all the tools and training needed to guarantee a fresh and conducive workplace for all employees.


When is your office due for a cleaning?


When trying to determine when and how often your office needs a visit from an office cleaning company, try to assess the space – just because there is no obvious clutter doesn’t mean you can set aside the cleaning for a later time. Sometimes, something as minute as a non-functional air conditioning unit is enough to indicate that perhaps the ceiling needs dedusting.


The cleaning frequency of your office space is largely dependent on how many employees it is housing, whether it will be on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. If your office houses no more than 50 people, frequent cleaning over short periods might be unnecessary.


Apart from the number of employees, the type of industry your business is in will also determine how often you should tap the help of office cleaners. If your business leans more towards medical and healthcare, daily clean-ups might be necessary.


How health and safety hazards arise from lack of office cleanliness


Apart from office cleanliness, the health and safety of your employees also play a role in their overall productivity. Common use areas such as the toilets and pantry should be cleaned daily to stop harmful bacteria and pathogens from propagating. If these spaces are cleaned, a clean and safe area is guaranteed to prevent your employees from catching various illnesses and give them the peace of mind to work at their best.


Office cleanliness, however, shouldn’t be limited to just the common use areas. Stock rooms where important documents are stored should also be thoroughly cleaned and organized to prevent pests. Additionally, papers should also be stored properly as they are very combustible, making it a fire hazard if they are piled up haphazardly.




Aside from the advantage of having a clean office space, professional office cleaning services are important because they help not only to organise but also sanitise the working space for your employees. An office that is well cleaned fosters good working conditions and boosts overall productivity.


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