Tips To Find The Right Cleaning Company in Singapore

Cleaning Company in Singapore

In Singapore, with long work hours and busy dual-income households, cleaning can be a challenge. Get help from a reliable cleaning company in Singapore for thorough and regular cleaning services that keep your home spotless despite your busy lifestyle.


Here are some tips for finding a good cleaning company in Singapore, with workers who are well-trained and experienced.


Types of Cleaning Services in Singapore

Types of Cleaning Services in Singapore

There is a wide range of cleaning services provided by cleaning companies in Singapore. Whether you need house cleaning or office cleaning, it is best to find a cleaning company that specialises in the service. Some cleaning companies only focus on food and beverage cleaning, while others include residential and commercial cleaning. It depends on whether you require small or large cleaning services. Cleaning companies that offer residential and commercial cleaning are usually big companies that focus on high-rise buildings.


Some cleaning companies also offer individual home services, and they are mainly trained for these. Before hiring a cleaning company, determine what type of cleaning services you require. Search online for a cleaning company that offers the specific services you need. Look for a company that specializes in the type of cleaning you require. By searching for SQ1 Development, you will find that we offer not only cleaning but also maintenance services.


Company background check

Be patient when you look up cleaning services in the search engine. Many cleaning companies present their services through websites with appealing images and brief descriptions. Conduct a company background check before engaging in cleaning services. Make sure they provide complete and accurate information for their services. Do not limit yourself to one website; look for others to compare prices and services. If you are unsure whether a company is legitimate or a scam on this online platform, do not hesitate to contact them. It is important to verify the cleaning company because you are paying for the services. For example, there are some scammers who create fake websites to promote cheaper cleaning services than others.


Once they received the payment, they did not show up to clean your premises. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Before making an online payment, double-check because things can get complicated if you are being scammed.


Create a List

After the company background check, ask around your neighborhood to get recommendations. Get advice from friends and others about the cleaning company that they hire. It is best to seek additional advice from others before deciding on a cleaning company that is suitable for your situation. Get detailed information from people in your vicinity who have used cleaning services from a cleaning company.


They would share their experiences of which cleaning company is the best option. You can learn about the ethnicity and efficiency of the company’s work through their experiences with the services. After collecting information, list down all the recommendations from the users. Then choose the best company based on your preferences and needs.


Look for review

Other than that, try to find online reviews of the cleaning company. Reading through the comments on online platforms will save you time. You can look into the cleaning company’s ratings to rest assured of the high quality of its services.


Customers will post or comment on online platforms such as Facebook to share their thoughts on the services. You get to see positive and negative comments about the cleaning company through the customers’ experiences. If the reviews are not good, you can avoid engaging with the particular cleaning company.


Companies usually present their best information on their websites, but it’s not possible to verify the accuracy of that information until you try the service. Look for recommendations on professional cleaners so that they will benefit you in the long run. Hire skilled cleaners because they will give you advice on how to take care of your space other than just offering cleaning services.


Get a quote

Lastly, get a quote from the cleaning company you are considering hiring. It is now easy to reach out to customer service to learn more about the cleaning company. If you have difficulty communicating over the phone, you can also gather information by chatting online. To ensure that the cost of the cleaning services you need is within your budget, inquire about the pricing. For those who plan to hire a cleaning company on a regular basis, it is advisable to create a budget list.


Additionally, you can ask for more details about the cleaning services to ensure that the pricing is fair. Then you can compare the prices of cleaning services offered by different cleaning companies. Be sure to find out when payment is expected, whether it’s before or after the services have been provided. Also, keep in mind that a cleaning company offering prices significantly lower than the market rate may not be legitimate.



It takes some time and effort to find the right cleaning company in Singapore. Look for a cleaning company with more years of experience because they will have more professional trained cleaners. They can handle professional cleaning services better and provide more services if you need more than just cleaning.


Because of the high demand for cleaning during Covid-19, an increasing number of cleaning companies have been established. Commercial buildings, such as offices and shopping malls, must be sanitized and disinfected before they can reopen for business. Places that have heavy foot traffic, like hospitals and factories, require thorough cleaning in order for their employees to work in a safe environment.