The Use Of Technology And Robots For Commercial Cleaning

Ever since Covid-19 hit the world in unprecedented ways, one of the most pressing global concerns is hygiene. People are paying more attention to how clean their homes are, and businesses are rushing to ensure their premises are properly sanitised for employees and/or customers.


With the need for thorough, reliable and frequent cleaning front and centre, here comes the interest in machines and new technologies to change the game. Cleaning robotics and automation are transforming the efficiency and effectiveness of hygiene regimes in commercial areas.


As part of the cleaning sector, our team at SQ 1 Development is constantly seeking innovative ways to drive productivity and results in cleaning and hygiene. We are proud to bring in the Avidbot – a robotic floor scrubber to empower a leaner way of working and provide a cost-effective solution for our services.


The impact of cleaning robots


At its basic form, robots can carry out repetitive actions. As technology advances, they have higher intelligence and autonomy to do jobs faster with increased productivity.


Cleaning companies today have gone beyond just using mops and brooms to carry out their services. Modern equipment such as vacuums, floor scrubbers and pressure washers play an important role to facilitate many cleaning jobs that will leave a place sparkling clean, inside and out.


The use of robot cleaning machines will not only reduce the amount of physical labour it takes for cleaning jobs but also enhances efficiency. Businesses can expect to also reduce their water and chemical usage, increase the accuracy of chemical dosing, and improve hygiene compliance.


What we use


Created by Avidbots, the Avidbots NEO™ is an autonomous floor scrubbing robot for use in large commercial spaces, including retail facilities, airports and warehouses. It helps to optimise our cleaning process with increased productivity. For instance, a robotic cleaning machine can cover three times the area of a typical cleaner within the same hour.


NEO™ is able to pick up litters and dispose into the rubbish chute, thanks to its cylindrical brush attachment that makes sweeping much more effective. It also has a disc feature that allows for thorough and precise cleaning of floor tiles to get rid of accumulated dirt and stains.


NEO™ had gained nationwide coverage since it became the single largest deployment in Singapore when 22 units were selected for use across all 4 terminals in Singapore Changi Airport. As reported by Channel NewsAsia, Changi Airport was able to gain 20% productivity savings for its cleaning operation by leveraging on robots such as NEO™. The autonomous floor scrubber has also enjoyed international coverage in news publications and social media, and served a growing number of notable clients in its portfolio such as SMRT, Singpost Centre and Mapletree Business City.


Unique features


NEO™ operates with the best-in-class technologies, equipped with 3D cameras, optical cameras and LiDAR technology (a remote sensing method).


Through the Avidbots AI platform, NEO™ can understand its operating environment and be programmed to travel along the planned route. It is able to make intelligent decisions to actively sense and avoid obstacles to maximise cleaning productivity without much human intervention. This cleaning robot can take over large-scale routine cleaning that previously required hours of manual labour, allowing our cleaners to perform higher-value tasks.


Avidbots has a command centre for fleet management and performance measurement. We can produce detailed cleaning reports that cover metrics like run-time, water usage, and area cleaned. There are also variable controls that can be adjusted, such as brush pressure and water output, so they can be properly controlled accordingly. With real-time monitoring, our staff can also take note of its progress to ensure peak performance.




With technology playing a big part in the cleaning industry, it will help to enhance the productivity of cleaning operations and protect the hygiene level of the environment much more effectively.


At SQ 1 Development, we take pride in ensuring clean and well-maintained spaces in commercial and residential facilities. With the use of autonomous robots and innovative cleaning solutions, we can provide a wide range of cleaning in many areas including airport facilities, warehouses and retail spaces. Our sophisticated cleaning techniques and eco-friendly supplies also extend to residential cleaning services to help maintain clean, healthy homes. Contact us at +65 9182 4577 and find out how we can provide the best of our commercial cleaning services to you!