The Importance and Benefits of Building Facade Cleaning

Benefits of Building Facade Cleaning

You probably know how important it is to maintain your company premises clean on the inside, whether it’s a retail unit, a high rise office building, or a warehouse – but what about the outside? Facade cleaning is just as essential because your company’s exterior is the first thing people see about it, do all you can to maintain it clean at all times.


Read more about building facade and retail facade maintenance, as well as why it’s so crucial for maintaining your business’s look.


External facade cleaning is the act of removing dirt, grime, stains, and pollutants from a building’s facade. The entrance is positioned on the facade, which is the front half of the structure.


Some of the most frequent components in use for building facades include glass, stone, and wood, while other buildings may have facades made of metals such as stainless steel or aluminum.


Several causes can contribute to a filthy building facade. The weather, for example, as well as contaminants in the air, can have an effect. This combination can diminish the color of a building’s facade, impacting its overall look.


Why is it necessary to clean the exterior of a building?


Exterior Cleaning: Aesthetics, Maintenance

The facade is the front of your building. It’s one of the few sections of your construction whose main job is to increase the aesthetics and attractiveness of your structure.


Simply put, a neat, pleasing structure is significantly more enticing than a dirty one. There’s no doubt that a new outside emanates a friendlier, more welcoming atmosphere, which sets the tone for the rest of the building and your firm.


Facades are built of stone, brick, concrete, glass, and metal, and are designed to compliment the rest of the structure. Whether it’s polished stone or sparkling metal, however, if these elements aren’t cared for on a regular basis, they’ll become an eyesore rather than a source of pleasure.


It’s just as vital to keep the facade in excellent repair if you rent your building. It’s possible that your rental agreement stipulates that you keep the building’s outside clean at all times, therefore it’s critical that you do so.


Insects, animals, and rats can live in strange and intriguing curves formed by facade. The nests aren’t just a nuisance; they may be dangerous, and the droppings create an unsightly stain.


Different types of building facades

Different types of building come with different challenges in terms of facade maintenance. For instance, a concrete facade typically gets exposed to moisture, causing it to be damaged and have poor quality masonry. This problem can be solved by coating, hydrophobing, or painting it.


Glass facades are prone to scratches, which are often caused by grime etching into the glass. They may also be stained by water leaching mineral deposits that form mist lines or shadows. Thus, it is important to remove dirt regularly to prevent this problem from occurring.


Stone claddings are expensive but durable. They are resistant to moisture, insects, extreme temperatures, and fire. They are also very easy to maintain. Nonetheless, you should still ensure that your stone facade remains in top shape by having it cleaned regularly.


Metal facades are not prone to water damage since they neither rot nor mold. However, they are prone to rust and discoloration, especially if they are not properly sealed and finished.


Wood facades also need regular maintenance, particularly because they tend to be attacked by termites. You need to have them treated with chemicals annually to keep them in good condition.


Common building facade cleaning methods

Facade Cleaning Techniques

Building facades are cleaned and maintained using the following procedures by professional cleaners:


Water Soaking

A constant spray of water loosens and washes away soaking dirt. After that, it’s cleaned or rinsed with 400 psi water. Limestone glazing bricks are frequently made using this approach.


Pressure Washing

Pressure washing removes dirt one inch at a time with pressured water. This approach works well with brick, stone, and concrete facades. Professional cleaning services efficiently remove organic and atmospheric stains.


Chemical Cleaning

Professional cleaners use chemical goods such as acidic cleansers, organic solvents, alkaline cleaners, and non-sudsing detergents to dissolve stains. When the stains have been dissolved, the cleaning process washes them away.


Abrasive Cleaning

The discolored exterior portions of substrates are entirely erased. This technique works well for brick, concrete, and stone facades.


Clean your facade on a regular basis

Professional cleaning companies should regularly clean the facade of residential and commercial buildings. This is because the first thing people see when they enter your workplace is their look, which has an influence on how people view your firm.


Moreover, façade cleaning is a difficult process that requires the expertise of specialists. When you engage professionals, you can be confident that they will complete the project to your satisfaction.


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