Office Housekeeping: Paying Attention To Hidden Surfaces

Hidden Surfaces: Office Housekeeping

Keeping your office workspaces clean is the first step to keeping your employees safe and maintaining your team’s productivity. Many think that the regular desk wipe and clean floors will do the trick, but these do not provide the complete sanitation that your office deserves. Furthermore, seemingly invisible areas may carry years of dust that could threaten your employees and equipment. Here is an insight into HI-Dusting and some of the main reasons you should include HI-Dusting into your office housekeeping routine.


What is HI-Dusting?


HI-Dusting, or high-level dusting, means the process of cleaning off dust and dirt from spaces that are generally higher than 4.5 meters. Due to the height, these surfaces are often skipped or not cleaned altogether. They can also be very time consuming to clean as many of such surfaces are not maintained well. Offices, especially those with high ceilings or embellishments, should look out for such surfaces as the build-up of dust and grime could lead to longer-term consequences.


Dust settles everywhere


Dust are light matter and do not discriminate where they find home. Most dust particles are carried by wind and will settle on the first surface it encounters. They can also build upon each other, forming layers and layers of dirt if they are not cleaned.


Residual dust can also come from other daily office activities such as packages delivered and paper shredding. However, only cleaning surfaces that you feel we might commonly conduct such activities is not enough. Good office housekeeping practices dictate that we should keep all surfaces clean. As such, having all areas dusted, including high ceilings, would be essential to office cleanliness.


Air ducts and vents are commonly forgotten


Heard of the saying “out of sight, out of mind”? Since air ducts and vents are usually mounted on the ceiling or other unseen places, they are not the typical spots you would think of to clean. Hence, while cleaning, we tend to overlook the dirt in such areas and focus on more visible surfaces instead.


However, allowing them to accumulate dust is also not an option. When the dust is visible, it already means it has collected too much. Over time, the dust motes could also fall onto your employees and equipment, making the office look unprofessional.


Health hazards


By its very nature, dust clouds are irritants and could irritate our eyes and aggravate chronic respiratory problems such as asthma. Some dust could also cause allergy-related illnesses and specific lung diseases, especially if we are exposed to them over a long time.


High areas where we might not reach may accumulate dust if we do not regularly engage in an office cleaning company to help us conduct dusting and regular office maintenance. The dust may even spillover from these areas to our common areas where we live and work. Having a clean and hygienic surface is key to keeping our employees happy and healthy as they work.




HI-Dusting is not the most common cleaning service, and many may choose to clean other areas. However, due to harder to clean surfaces, we need to pay more attention to their maintenance. If such sites are clean, the office itself would most likely be kept in a pristine state.


Engaging professional office cleaning services would be the easiest way to clean off the grime from such hard-to-reach surfaces. SQ1 Development provides a range of office cleaning services, including HI-Dusting and other office support, to ensure your office is kept at its finest. If you wish to learn more, reach out to us via WhatsApp at +65 9182 4577.