F&B cleaning services in Singapore

F&B cleaning services in Singapore

Eating in a Korean barbecue restaurant, Thai mookata or Chinese steamboat restaurant has been a trend in Singapore. Many young people like to visit these restaurants with their friends and families. It’s interesting to try different Asian cuisine other than regular foods and dishes. For instance, hotpots and steamboats are particularly popular on rainy days. Foot traffic in restaurants is heavy every day, especially on weekends and holidays. Cleanliness is the most important aspect of food and beverage services in order to keep customers coming back. As a result, cleaning services are always required to keep the premises clean. When there are more customers, cleaning must be done more frequently. Here are the cleaning services provided for F&B kitchen stewarding by SQ1 in Singapore:


Professional Cleaning Services for Kitchenware, Dishware, and Equipment

Deep Kitchen Cleaning Services

After cooking for some time, the kitchenware is all oily and greasy. Kitchen cleaning services are essential. The utensils and appliances are also oily, which will affect the taste of the dishes. Wiping away the oily surfaces on the kitchenware does not help much with the cleaning because the kitchen staff is just cleaning the surface dirt and oil. After a long day of work, the kitchen staff is too exhausted to thoroughly clean the kitchen. They will just wash the pots and pans; what about the equipment in the kitchen? It takes a lot of time and effort to clean every piece of equipment in the kitchen. Grease and stains on kitchen appliances will increase energy consumption. It will also reduce the risk of cancer-causing substances on the grill. You can contact SQ1 cleaning services to do the job. We have expert cleaners to help you with the cleaning.


Maintenance of kitchen areas

The kitchen appliances need regular maintenance to keep them performing well. For example, the exhaust fans can build up grease more quickly than the stove and grills. It is recommended that maintenance be performed at least once every two to three months to extend the life of the equipment. When you notice that the equipment is heating up quickly, it is best to contact maintenance services before the equipment fails. Having the kitchenware and equipment maintained will offer a healthier meal to the customers. Other than that, regular maintenance can ensure that your kitchen is safe from fire. We could keep the equipment from overheating and causing damage.


Waste segregation and bagging

There are lots of food leftovers in the kitchen bin every day. These include food, bones, sauces, soup, plastic containers, plastic packaging, and others. The goal of waste segregation is to make waste collection easier by separating dry and wet waste. If general waste and food waste are thrown in the same bin, it will be difficult to handle the waste. This can increase the risk of workers being injured while throwing garbage. For example, a kitchen worker may injure his hands while throwing the garbage away without noticing that the general waste contains shattered glass and food waste. If waste segregation is not done on a regular basis, pests may appear. Cockroaches and rats are more likely to appear in the kitchen when food waste is not properly disposed of. Furthermore, finding maggots in the bin indicates the need for immediate cleaning. A call for cleaning is needed before the pest affects the cleanliness of the kitchen.


Cleaning food preparation and service areas

It is essential for the food preparation and service areas to be clean at all times. The food that needs to be cooked is placed on the preparation table. The kitchen staff will slice the meat and vegetables on it. Bacteria from raw meat or food leftovers may remain on the surface of the preparation table if it is not cleaned after use. It will also have an impact on food hygiene, leading to food poisoning and other problems. A dirty food preparation area attracts mice and cockroaches. The mice and cockroaches would usually come at night, after the kitchen staff had gone home, and flee when they saw the staff return the next morning. That is why the preparation area needs to be cleaned daily to avoid the spread of bacteria and germs. It would lift up the working spirit of the staff to cook in a clean environment.


Restaurant inventory control

Managing your restaurant’s food and other stock might be quite a headache. Inventory control can help you determine when you need to stock up by managing it without spoiling or losing it. When there is stock damage, it will have an impact on the cost accounting. Food storage is difficult because improper storage affects the freshness and quality of the food. In this process, either the food rots itself or affects the taste of the dish. Hire a skilled person to oversee inventory control to reduce the risk of stock damage. SQ1 will have trained staff to keep track of all food and beverages that go out and are cashed in. Monitoring every item, including food, will have an impact on the month’s sales. We will advise you on recipe costing and menu engineering so that you can avoid food waste and gain bonuses at the same time.



Many people eat outside because they have no time to cook. Food and beverage restaurants have become essential places for them. Many youngsters visit the restaurants not only because of the tasty food but also because of the clean and nice environment. They enjoy taking pictures of themselves enjoying a nice plate of food in an Instagrammable worth restaurant. Some restaurants even put their kitchen in front of the restaurant to attract customers to watch their cooking skills. That’s why restaurants in Singapore always require F&B cleaning services to keep customers coming back. Regular cleaning of the restaurant prevents the spread of pathogens to the customers. The cleanliness of the restaurant will improve its reputation and ambiance, as well as reassure customers about the safety of the food.