Different Types of Cleaning Services

Different Types of Cleaning Services

Are you still worried about cleaning your environment on your own? Hire our cleaning services to ensure your location is dust-free and meets your expectations. Don’t let tidying up consume your leisure time!


The air contained bacteria and viruses that posed a risk to human health. It is time to hire someone professional to clean up your place. There are several types of cleaning jobs available for residential and commercial buildings. You can refer to SQ1 Development to learn about the cleaning services offered.


Explore the Different Types of Cleaning Services for Your Needs

Commercial cleaning

We provide a variety of interior high quality cleaning services for commercial buildings. These services include high dusting, floor maintenance, carpet maintenance, periodic cleaning, clean room cleaning, washroom cleaning, and glass panel cleaning. The regular services needed for every commercial building are periodic cleaning and washroom cleaning. The services are for the premises with high foot traffic like shopping malls, industrial buildings, and offices.


Customers visit shopping malls and retail stores on a daily basis, and the number of visitors has drastically increased after the lengthy lockdown. The same goes for the office and industrial buildings, employees are expected to return to work as usual. Regular cleaning can make visitors feel safe when they enter the premises. We also provide disinfection services. Besides that, it is recommended that floor maintenance, Hi-Dusting, and glass panel cleaning be performed once every few months. This can clear away the buildup of dust in the environment, keeping the air fresh all the time.


Estate facility cleaning

For residential properties, we offer a range of services including cleaning the outside of the building, maintaining facilities and common areas, pest control, taking care of the landscaping, maintaining the parking lot, and cleaning garbage chutes. It is our job to take care of the residential properties so that our clients can stay in a comfortable environment. If you notice a problem with your facilities, you may request a check from our team of professionals, who will assist you in identifying the issue and resolving it. We are using eco-friendly products and follow industry practices.


Regular cleaning in the house is essential, but paying attention to the facilities around is also important. If you ignore the problem, it will worsen and cause further damage. For instance, when you find that the garbage chute has a minor stuck, call for maintenance to prevent choked chutes. If you just leave it there, the garbage will overflow and emit a foul odor that will contaminate the area.


School cleaning

School Cleaning Services

Schools in Singapore are now open for students to return to class with Covid-19 safety measures. They need to follow the safety measure by checking the temperature before entering the school, wear a fit mask and always sanitize their hands. The schools have arranged staggered schedules for students to return to school batch by batch. Other than that, the management of the school should hire for regular cleaning sessions together with sanitizing and disinfecting services. The purpose is to keep the school community safe during the pandemic. Sanitizing is needed after routine cleaning, while disinfecting can be once a month. Sanitation is required for many frequently handled surfaces, including door handles, door knobs, tables, seats, laptops, whiteboards, and others. Disinfecting services are normally needed in canteen, classroom and toilets where foot traffic is heavy in these places. It can slow down the spread of germs, disease and viruses.


F&B cleaning

F&B Cleaning Services

When it comes to food, hygiene is of the utmost importance in order to preserve its flavour and quality. Customers’ appetites will suffer if the restaurant is not kept clean. If the food is not prepared in a clean kitchen, it may cause food poisoning or other illnesses, which will reflect negatively on the restaurant. The kitchen’s cleanliness is critical, especially during Covid-19. The disease can be transmitted to the customer via utensils or food.


When Covid-19 cases are discovered in a restaurant, the establishment must close business for disinfecting services. This will make the owner suffer a bigger loss than hiring a cleaning service. It is preferable to request regular cleaning and sanitising to keep the customers and employees healthy all the time. The cleaning includes cleaning of kitchenware equipment, food preparation, waste segregation and maintenance of kitchen areas. We also provide services like set up and dismantle banquet and buffet services.


Shopping mall cleaning

Shopping Mall Cleaning Services

Aside from restaurants, shopping malls are among the most crowded places. You may have observed cleaners of shopping malls performing daily cleaning routines throughout the entire facility. They will just sweep and mop the floor to clear away the visible dust. As for the germs and bacteria in the environment, sanitizing and disinfecting services can eliminate most of them. Sanitizing can reduce the number of them while disinfecting can kill the germs and viruses. Foot traffic in malls varies according to weekdays, weekends, and holidays. But worry not, because we offer cleaning services in both peak and off-peak hours with well trained and efficient staff.



Hygiene is a crucial thing for commercial and residential areas. It is important to do a thorough spring cleaning of these areas to get rid of clutter and start the season with a clean and organized space. It is also important to sanitize all areas to ensure a safe environment. This can rest assured those around you stay healthy and safe at all times. During the Covid-19 pandemic, many people discovered the importance of cleanliness in avoiding disease. It is frightening to acknowledge that flu can cause serious illness and lead to death sometimes. Thus, everyone is responsible to keep the environment clean to stop the spreading of viruses. If you would like to hire SQ1 Development professional cleaning services, please contact us via +65 9182 4577 or send enquiries to enquiries@sq1.com.sg.