5 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Cleaning Your Home

Household chores are part and parcel of life. We may have mixed feelings about them, but there is no denying the need to complete these chores. Despite our familiarity with the tasks at hand, you will be surprised to learn the common mistakes we still make when cleaning our homes.


In our haste to get these menial tasks out of the way to focus on other more essential matters at hand, we tend to overlook our cleaning errors. Therefore, it is vital you learn about these mistakes before your next cleaning session to avoid repeating them.


1. Cleaning your window on a sunny day


You may consider a warm and sunny day as the ideal time to clean your dusty windows, but you should reexamine your approach. While the windows will dry faster in this weather, the heat will evaporate the chemicals in your cleaning products before they have time to dissipate. Your windows will then be left with unsightly smudges that are challenging to remove. It is advisable to wait for a cloudy day or till the evening before wiping them.


2. Placing your toilet brush back before it dries


Cleaning the toilet bowl is a dirty business, so we understand the desire to finish washing it as soon as possible. However, in your haste to get the job done, you may neglect to let the toilet brush dry before putting it into the holder.


A wet brush is a hotbed for germs, bacteria and mould. They multiply and breed quickly when the brush is trapped in its container. When you next use it, you will be leaving traces of these particles all-around your toilet bowl. It is best to wash the filth away and let the brush dry before storing it.


3. Mopping your wooden floors with a wet mop


Wooden floors require special care and are more challenging to maintain than marble or concrete floorings. It is common to soak your mop before wiping the floor, but you should take note to wring the surplus water before cleaning a wooden floor. Wood absorbs moisture, so exposure to an excess amount of water can damage your floorings and cause them to crack and swell.


4. Reusing the same cleaning rag


It is convenient to use the same cleaning rag to wipe the surfaces of your house. However, it is prudent to have various rags available for the different rooms in your home.


Spraying the cloth with a cleaning solution is insufficient and does not remove the grime accumulated on its surface. The dirt will then spread to the next surface the rag touches. Can you imagine wiping your bedroom with the same cloth used to clean your kitchen? The surfaces of your room will likely be left with greasy stains.


5. Washing your cutting board with soap


If you utilise a wooden cutting board, it is best to soak it with a bleach solution to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination. Washing your cutting board with soap and water is ineffective and does not eradicate the bacteria accumulated over time.




A clean and germ-free living environment can provide you with peace of mind and a haven to retreat to after a long day of work. It is vital to learn from these past mistakes and avoid repeating them so you can keep your home spick and span.


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