5 Key Places To Maintain For A Safe And Productive Workplace

The environment where people do work directly affects their productivity and performance. Even the slightest neglect can cause such productivity to diminish and, consequently, negatively impact business profits.


As such, it’s essential to pay attention to the upkeep of company grounds, both inside and outside. In this article specifically, the focus is placed inside the office where day to day business is conducted.


Some areas may require more frequent cleaning, depending on the level of activity going on and the volume of foot traffic. Read on further as we explore the main areas in the office space that require constant cleaning – and the solutions that most office cleaning companies in Singapore provide.


1. Hallways and passageways


The first place that comes to mind when talking about high activity areas is the office’s corridors and hallways. As the bridge that links the many production hubs in the workplace, the constant traffic of people can cause dust and dirt to accumulate quickly on them.


To keep the floors clean around the clock, regular cleaning paired with floor maintenance is a must. The latter service serves to restore and maintain the sparkling condition of the place’s flooring. Regular maintenance can improve slip resistance to ensure overall safety in the workplace.


2. Individual workstations


As the primary areas that employees use for most of the day, the cleanliness of workstations must be maintained regularly. This ensures the environment will remain optimal for their productivity and performance.


To avoid disruption in their daily workflow, office cleaning services can be arranged periodically to keep the workplace spick and span. It will also benefit the staff’s health by ensuring they are not exposed to germs and viruses that will cause them to fall ill. When an increasing number of employees are missing work, this can equate to decreased productivity for your business.


3. Restrooms


This goes without saying – washrooms are considered hotbeds for germs and other pathogens that produce foul odours and promote sickness and other illnesses. A highly professional washroom and hygiene service help ensure your washrooms are free of these microorganisms and give the place a more pleasant and fresh look.


4. Pantries and lounges


As these are the areas where employees usually congregate, clutter and general messes may be inevitable. The rubbish bins will need to be emptied regularly to avoid attracting pests and bad smells, and any spills need to be wiped down.


If you have carpeted floors, it’s crucial to engage in carpet maintenance services so you can maintain its condition. While the purpose is to ensure high levels of hygiene and sanitation are met, additional services like stain removal, carpet shampooing, and stain-proofing also go a long way to prolong the lifespan and appearance of your carpets.


5. Air vents


As the sole equipment that regulates airflow, air vents serve as lifelines for everyone working inside the building. Due to its functionality, the possibility of dust and other debris mixing with the air going inside is unavoidable.


Aside from regular air filter replacement, hi-dusting serves as the answer to prevent potential health hazards. By using robust vacuuming systems to remove dust and dirt, you can expect cleaner and better quality of air.




Cleanliness is necessary for any workplace, regardless of its size. Thanks to a wide range of cleaning services available, you can ensure your office will be cleaned from all corners to preserve both employees’ health and business profits.


With a full range of high-quality and professional cleaning services, SQ 1 strives to improve and maintain exemplary hygiene levels for your business establishments. No matter your office requirements, we provide a customised cleaning plan suited for your company’s needs. Apart from office cleaning, we also provide residential cleaning services for condos and housing estates.