3 Essential Office Cleaning Habits You Need This Year

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly taken the world by storm. With the need to stay home, many businesses have had to halt their operations to curb the spread of the virus. And with the pandemic still looming over us, it is necessary for households and offices to remain cautious and rigid, especially when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness.


With this health crisis at hand, one valuable lesson is that being hygienic is one of the best weapons against viruses and other disease-causing agents. When it comes to businesses, particularly, maintaining a clean and sanitary workplace is highly essential. The pandemic has convinced many companies around the world to upscale their cleaning operation or engage the services of an office cleaning company. To ensure that your employees are safe and healthy, here are the top office cleaning habits you need to upscale this year.


1. Disinfecting All Surfaces


This is most probably the number one essential cleaning tip that everyone has learnt from the pandemic. Disinfection is indeed an essential part of every cleaning regime. Disinfection is the process of eliminating pathogenic microorganisms using chemical agents, such as alcohol, chlorine disinfectants and household bleach.


In your office, it’s recommended to disinfect all surfaces from time to time, especially before and after work hours. From desk surfaces to keyboards, every surface needs to be disinfected to ensure complete protection. However, be sure that you use the right type of chemicals for each surface. For instance, when cleaning office floors and similar surfaces, you can use a household bleach. For keyboards, on the other hand, an Isopropyl alcohol is sufficient for disinfection.


2. Extensive cleaning of windows and entryways


Cleaning windows, doors, and other entryways is also one of the most crucial things to do to prevent the spread of viruses and disease-causing agents in an indoor space. Door handles and window surfaces, particularly, are often hotspots for bacteria and other germs. In fact, according to some studies, a single doorknob may contain as many as fourteen different colonies of bacteria.


For this reason, it’s best to hire an office cleaning company with the equipment and expertise to clean every corner of your windows and doors thoroughly. With services such as carpet maintenance for all entryways and hi-dusting for difficult to reach spaces, engaging professional cleaning services is a time-efficient choice.


3. Regular disposal of waste


Regular disposal of waste and organisation of the kitchen fridge has always been necessary parts of workplace hygiene. But, especially amid a pandemic when viruses spread more quickly, it’s best to dispose of waste more regularly. Avoid keeping overnight waste, especially food waste.


To ensure cleanliness, health, and safety in your office, consider making an extra effort to organise your kitchen fridge and throw away food items that start to spoil.




The standards of office cleanliness and hygiene should not be neglected, more so during this pandemic. In these chaotic times, to boost your employees’ productivity, maintain their health, and improve your overall business operations, it’s time to make extensive office cleaning a routine.


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