5 Essential Tips To Keep Your Office Hygienic And Germ-Free

As many companies as transitioning back to operating in the office after the peak of Covid-19, it’s extremely crucial that hygiene measures are put in place to keep employees safe. The office is filled with many high-touch common surfaces that can lead to the spread of germs rapidly.


As an employer, it’s your responsibility to create a safe and healthy work environment for your employees. Besides, having a hygienic office will also reap financial benefits, by reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity.


With that said, here are 5 tips to keep your office hygienic and germ-free.


1. Encourage hand washing


It’s crucial that employees wash their hands regularly and thoroughly to prevent the spread of germs from surfaces that they touch. Despite frequent reminders to wash our hands regularly during the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us fail to do so sufficiently. Germs from public transport, railings, and phones can be transferred into your office surfaces, so cultivate a habit at your office for your employees to wash their hands upon arriving at work. While you may not be there to facilitate this every day, you can put up reminders around the office to encourage your employees to wash their hands.


2. Make hand sanitisers available 


While it may not be possible for your employees to head to the washroom to wash their hands every few minutes, hand sanitisers are a good alternative. This is especially great for employees who don’t have the habit of washing their hands regularly throughout the day. Place bottles of hand sanitisers at accessible points around the office, especially at common areas – such as at desks, meeting rooms, communal areas, and the entrance of your office.


3. Stock up on cleaning supplies


Ensure that your office is stocked up with a variety of germ-killing products and tools. From surface cleaners to disinfecting wipes, make sure that you have the right products to clean every inch of your office. Encourage your employees to wipe down their desks, keyboards, phones, computer screens and keyboards on a regular basis to avoid the buildup of transferrable germs.


4. Remind your employees to stay home when sick


Although you have the main responsibility to keep your office clean as an employer, all employees also have a part to play in keeping the workplace safe. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, make sure your employees know that they should stay at home when they’re ill. It’s better for them to miss a few days of work than risk infecting a whole team. As an additional precaution, you can also make it compulsory for your employees to take their temperature before entering the office for the day.


5. Have your office professionally cleaned


Even when you have all the necessary hygiene measures in place, it’s a good idea to invest in professional office cleaning services to disinfect areas that you may not be able to with just some disinfecting wipes. Be sure to contact an office cleaning company that provides services that are catered to your business’s needs.


At SQ 1 Development, we adopt a range of sophisticated cleaning techniques to meet the cleanliness needs of your office. From carpet maintenance to washroom hygiene services, our expert cleaning specialists use eco-friendly supplies to help you maintain a germ-free workspace, in order to ensure minimal disruption to your daily business operations.

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