4 Cleaning Practices To Boost Your Office Productivity

Productive Office Cleaning Practices

When one mentions employee productivity in the office, people tend to overlook the role that a clean and orderly office plays in promoting it. People usually think of other motivators like a reward system and other positive influences when they want to keep their employees motivated, but they forget that a well-kept workspace helps with a smooth workflow and execution of daily tasks. Apart from that, offices that are clean reduces the chances of employees falling sick and compromising office productivity. With that said, here are 4 common office cleaning services in Singaporewhich promote a healthy and efficient office environment.


1. Hi-Dusting


Did you know that a build-up of dust in air conditioning units can put a halt to your office productivity? This is because the accumulated dust can disrupt the functionality of the air conditioning units, creating a warm and uncomfortable environment to work in. Apart from that, hi-dusting also minimizes the likelihood of triggering employees’ allergies from exposure to allergens such as dust.


That is where Hi-Dusting comes in. Hi-Dusting is a type of cleaning service that is targeted towards hard-to-reach spaces like ceilings, air ducts and vents, all of which prove to be quite a challenge for inexperienced cleaners. Most cleaning companies turn to vacuuming these areas to get rid of accumulated dust and debris. A soft cleaning is usually done after the vacuum to make sure that leftover dirt is taken care of.


2. Carpet maintenance


Your office carpets take in everything on the soles of your shoes – from dust, rainwater to mud. But it is tricky to maintain carpet cleanliness because it’s not as simple as throwing the carpet into a washing machine.


Luckily, most commercial cleaning companies offer carpet maintenance as part of their services. Keeping carpets clean helps to avoid the accumulation of dust from the outside, which can trigger allergies. This will also make sure that the carpet is maintained well – not stained by bacteria brought into the office on a daily basis.


3. Washroom cleaning services 


It is no secret that washrooms are one of, if not the dirtiest places in an office. Since washrooms are probably the most frequented place by everyone in the office, getting every single employee to maintain its cleanliness is an impossible feat. But it is vital that these common areas are kept clean because dirty washrooms are the perfect environment for germs to multiply.


The presence of these harmful germs are potential health threats to your employee’s overall welfare. Hiring a commercial cleaning company and availing of their washroom cleaning services goes a long way into making sure that your office washrooms are well-sanitised.


4. Pest Control


Chances are, your office has a pantry for your employees to heat their lunches or store drinks in the fridge. But given that this is the area where food and drinks are mostly consumed, this room is also prone to pests who feast on leftovers and other food waste. The presence of pests are detrimental to your employees’ overall health conditions, that’s why you need to address this concern immediately should it exist in your office.


Most commercial cleaning services have pest control among their list of services, so you would not have a hard time keeping unwanted guests out of your office pantry and away from your employees.




Maintaining your office hygiene regularly with cleaning services promotes productivity that no motivational or inspirational quotes can. These services keep allergens like dust away, maintains and sanitises common facilities such as washrooms, and stops a pest infestation from happening and compromising the overall health of your workforce.


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